Sunday, July 13, 2014

JBRL Pegasus Hobbies

Hello Everyone! This past Saturday I raced the JBRL electric series at Pegasus hobbies. The track turned out to be very technical and sugar coated. The traction on the track was amazing! This was my first time driving on a high traction candy track and to be honest, it was some of the most fun I have ever had racing. I was really able to tune my vehicles and not worry too much about trying to find traction. I ended up racing Pro 2 and Mod Buggy. I ended up breaking in Pro 2 by dropping a pinion in the final and melting my slipper clutch and spur gear in the heats. It was a rough day for me in Pro 2, but I still had a lot of fun and I came up with some mods that made my truck handle better than it ever has. In Mod Buggy I finished 10th out of 12 racers. I was really happy with my first showing in Mod Buggy and I cant wait to race it again. My buggy really worked great throughout the day and I would really like to thank Venom, Pro-Line, and Buddy Blacksmith Designs  for creating such amazing products.

Here is a shot of the step up that led into a high speed sweeping turn. This Step up was very tough to hit clean and many people flat landed or got this obstacle wrong.

After the step up, this high speed turn caused a lot of people to traction roll, hit a wall or a pipe. The turn lead into the straight away.

 The long straight that was partially blind due to a larger double double in the middle of the track. The straight away was very fun and all the traction let you wheelie!

This is a shot of the turns at the end of the straight. There where lots of bumps that would set you up really wrong and flip you over into the wall. The best line was really close to the pipe.

 This is a shot of the double double that was actually really difficult. Many people tried to triple single out but that didnt seem to be very fast. The second double had a nice kicker on it and would really send you flying if you had too much speed. Many people got this obstacle wrong as well. I found myself flipping here a lot because of the speed I was carrying into the jump.

 Here is a shot of the double in the middle of the track that led into the step up. This part of the track was actually not too hard and very fun to get around. although it wasnt to hard, a lot of people still over jumped the step up.

Good luck at the races! Remember, you can always ask me for help, just look for the Venom powered Pro-Line vehicles and the KLA logo at the track.

-Matthew Garcia

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