Sunday, April 6, 2014

Pro-Line Pro Spec Shock

Hello Everyone! I wanted to share my experience with building the Pro-Line Pro Spec shocks. Upon opening the package, I must say that the all the parts for the shocks looked elegant. Everything had a very premium feel. 
 I went ahead and laid everything out to show what comes in the package. You get tools and pistons and everything you would expect from a new shock kit.
One thing that really struck me was the the pistons came off the mold without any burs to trim or any extra effort. It was almost as if the pistons where machined like other high end after market versions you can buy. You can see in the image that there is a little mark where the piston was attached, but everything came off very clean !

This is an image of the cartridge that holds the O ring that seals against the shock shaft.  Again I noticed a very premium quality when putting these together. The O ring is large and very smooth. I like that the cartridge can be simply screwed off, making it easy to change piston sizes.
Take a look at the top view. You can see that the plastic pieces fit very tight. Some of the other plastic pieces require a little trimming, but not much. Everything fits so nicely together which is what you should expect from a high quality product.
When putting the shock shaft through the O ring, make sure to oil up everything and put the shaft in. I put the shaft in while I had the cartridge apart so that I did not mess the O ring up.

This is how the shock looks mostly assembled. At this point it was just putting the bottom plastic piece on and adding oil.
I will note that once the shocks are together, they are super smooth. I had many racers that felt them say that they were as smooth as their Kyosho shocks! After punishing these shocks a bit, they did not leak at all! They are super consistent on the track and truly a dream to build.

Good luck at the races! Remember, you can always ask me for help, just look for the Pro-Line vehicles with the KLA logo at the track.

-Matthew Garcia

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