Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pro 2 Short Course Buggy Front Shock Tower Stiffener

Hello everyone! I have been putting together my Pro-Line Pro2 Short Course Buggy and I was noticing that the front shock tower has a good amount of flex. 

The Pro-Line carbon front shock tower brace is a great way to stiffen up the front end, Part number 6109-00. The only catch is that the brace is made for the the Pro2 truck and not the buggy. In order to make the brace work and have the body fit the same, one has to cut the brace. Here is a picture of the piece that needs to be cut out. I ended up using a rotary tool in order to get a clean cut.
 Here is a shot of the tower once I finished cutting the brace. Be carful not to cut the tower if you are cutting the brace while it is all mounted up. I would advise to measure and cut the brace while it is off if you are not comfortable cutting it while mounted.

 If the brace is added, the front bumper can no longer fit through the front tower like it normally does. This problem is easily solved by cutting the bumper and only using the bar. The bumper is very sturdy despite removing some of the structure. And after the extra stuff is removed, the bumper looks very stylish.

Here is a shot of the bumper after I completed cutting it up. There is a bend on the outside edge of the bumper where I cut it. Just simply follow that edge and it will be very even.

Here is a shot of the final modification. I ground the bumper to smooth things out. After everything is mounted back up, the front shock tower no longer flexes so easily.  The improved rigidity gained with this modification helps the shocks dampen more consistently. High traction tracks really bring this improvement to life!

Good luck at the races! Remember, you can always ask me for help, just look for the Pro-Line vehicles with the KLA logo at the track.

                                                                  -Matthew Garcia

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