Sunday, May 4, 2014

Friday Night Racing at OC/RC

Hello Everyone! This past Friday I attended the final race of the Friday night points series at OC/RC. I didnt get a chance to practice on the new track so I had to just wing it!

My Venom powered Pro-Line Pro2 was dialed all night! I was running some Pro-Line Ions  on the front and rear of the truck and I was hooked up! I didnt need to sauce the tires or even wash them in order to get traction. 

Here is a shot of the track. There was a whoop section in the middle of the track that led into a triple. I had a little trouble at first trying to make the triple but simply slowing down through the whoop section allowed me to go through the obstacles smoothly.
There was a really fun rhythm section in front of the driver stand that had a hair pin turn right after it. It was really awesome watching the 4wd buggies triple single out. 
The track had a ton of bumps that forced you to slow down and drive smooth, otherwise you would end up with your wheels to the sky. You can see some bumps in the turns after the rhythm section.

 Here is another shot of the triple. I ended up taking the double single  line in order to stay consistent.

 Here is a shot of my Pro-2 right before the main event. I ended up qualifying 4th in the A main. My truck performed very consistently in the heats. The more experience I gain with the truck, the more I love it! When the main started, a bunch of us got tangled up. Then after a few laps, the timing system had a glitch and we had to restart the race. My Venom Battery had no problems even after restarting the race. I had more than enough power and run time with no fade! I ended up taking a 4th place finish and a 5th place finish overall in the series.
Good luck at the races! Remember, you can always ask me for help, just look for the Venom powered Pro-Line vehicles with the KLA logo at the track.

                                                                  -Matthew Garcia

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