Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Pro-Line Pro2 SCB Front Tire Upgrade

Hello Everyone! I have been doing a lot of testing with my Pro-Line Pro2 SCB lately and I want to share something I discovered. When running the full size SC tires in the front, you may notice that the buggy likes to push a little in the corners. I decided to go ahead make some narrower front tires for the buggy to see how it handled.

First I started with some F11 wheels from Pro-Line. Product ID : 2740-04
Then I got some some Pro-Line Ion tires in clay compound. Product ID : 1191-17
Also I highly recommend the Pro-Line Glue. It is so easy to work with and it never lets me down. Product ID : 6031-00

 First off, we need to narrow the wheel. I used a rotary too with a cutting wheel to cut off the trough on the inside of the wheel. I used a marker to trace around the wheel in order to provide a good guideline. You can see in the image how I cut the wheel .

Here is another shot of the completely cut wheel. After you finish cutting the wheel, be sure to clean up the outer edge. Also, you want to keep the inner edge since we need to glue the tire to it.

 Once the cutting of the wheel is complete, it is time to cut the tire. I cut the tire just outside the dots the border the center of the tire. I cut along these dots on both sides. Be sure to cut as straight and precise as possible so that the tire is easier to glue back together.

Once you finish cutting the tire, you should have something similar to this image. In order to accommodate the narrow tire, we have to also cut the foam.

 I cut the foam along the thick edge. I went ahead and made a mark on the foam that indicates how I cut it. Just cut along the outside of the line that runs through the foam.
 Once the foam is cut, the tire needs to be glued back together. The tire should be glued with several small beads of glue spaced roughly a half inch apart. I glued the tire so that the tread matched up as you can see in the picture.

Here is a picture of the tire all beaded up. If you look closely, you can see the spacing of the beads of glue. Basically, the many beads make it easier for you to glue the rest of the seam.

Once you are done applying all the beads of glue, you will want to turn the tire inside out so that you can easily finish the seam. The image show the spacing in more detail. In order to finish the seam, you just want to fill those holes with a light coat of glue and then push the rubber together as evenly as possible.

Once you are done with the seam, the tire needs to be glued to the rim. Since we cut the rim, there is no easy trough to put the bead of the tire in. You have to be very careful when gluing the tire to the side you cut. I put a light coat of glue along the inner corner the of wheel and carefully squared up the tire bead to the lip of the wheel. It is not terribly difficult to glue the side that was cut, but you have to take your time so that you dont have an uneven tire.

After the rear edge is glued, the rest is just like gluing a regular tire. Here is a shot of the finished product! After doing some testing with them, the buggy no longer pushed! I would describe the handling like driving a slot car.

I will also note that not only do the narrow front tires handle better... they look killer once they are
on the buggy!

Good luck at the races! Remember, you can always ask me for help, just look for the Venom powered Pro-Line vehicles and the KLA logo at the track.

                                                                  -Matthew Garcia

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