Sunday, March 9, 2014

A night at the races

I decided to do some racing on friday night at OC/RC. I raced rookie class with my SC10B and Pro2 with my sc10.2.  I ended up qualifying 2nd in rookie and 6th in Pro 2. During warm up in the main for Rookie, I ended up breaking a ballstud, the ballstud on the side that I broke the turnbuckle on the other day. The upgraded Lunsford turnbuckles caused other parts of the car to fail. I ended up performing and upgrade that I will cover in another post. The new track proved to be very challenging and stress certainly got a hold of me. I recently got some new Venom 70c 7000 Mah packs and they really gave me a ton of punch and the power never faded. I was happy that something I upgraded was working well.

I noticed that the back triple can be risky, so a safe way to conquer that obstacle is to double single out. If you double single out, you will have a better probability of staying on your wheels, unless you can consistently clear the triple in race conditions. Also, the whoop section can also be very challenging. I found that if you can find a good rhythm , such as triple double out, you can consistently make it through without flipping your vehicle. I see a lot of drivers trying to pin the throttle through the whoops and often times they end up wheels to the sky. Some advice from the guys whooping my butt is that you just need to drive slower and smoother, then you will start to go fast.

Good luck at the races! Remember, you can always ask me for help, just look for the KLA cars at the track.

-Matthew Garcia


  1. Matthew! It's Sean Tracey aka the green machine. Lol. Great blog. Let me know next time you're going. We will try and meet up.

    1. Hey thanks for checking out my blog! I will for sure message you next time im out there! I am in the middle of a new sct build! Hopefully I get to race it this week!