Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Beginning

         My Name is Matthew Garcia and this is the Beginning of my RC race blog. I started racing as a kid with a second hand RC10T and a helicopter motor and esc. These days I can actually support my hobby and indulge and the plethora of products out on the market. Today I was testing my sc10b at the new layout OC/RC has to offer. Someone bumped me while I was clearing the big triple and I snapped a turnbuckle in half! I decided to go ahead and upgrade to some Lunsford super duty turnbuckles. The turnbuckles are very top quality, except that they provide no adjustability once you have them together. The ball-cups are simply too tight. I get them together eventually and got back on the track after nearly wanting to pull my hair out. I did email Lunsford and I will note that they have AMAZING customer service and back their products 100% They made it right and I know that I wont be snapping any turnbuckles anytime soon.

The main reason for my outing today was to get my short course buggy dialed for this weekends Grass Roots Racing Series race at the Proline track. I made a modification to my buggy by putting a b4.2 wing in place of the rear bumper. After getting a few batteries in on the new track, I found that the new rear wing provided a ton of downforce and therefore a lot of traction. Check it out!

The SC10.2 was working pretty well today. I was testing out some Panther Rattler clay tires and I was hooked up! I had plenty of traction which made for a ton of very fun laps. If you ever see me at the track, feel free to ask for help! Just look for the KLA cars.

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